Patients entering into a therapeutic relationship with Dr Bridget O’Neill Kruger consent to the processing of their personal information contemplated in the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 by Dr O’Neill Kruger, the practice staff and third parties with whom she has a contractual relationship for the following purposes:


  • Treating and managing patients in terms of a psychologist-and-patient relationship;

  • The administration of the contractual relationship between the patient/s and Dr O’Neill Kruger;

  • Communicating with other persons inasmuch as it relates to the respective patient/s’ treatment and management;

  • Communicating with third parties who have undertaken to indemnify the respective patient/s' for the costs of treatment and management or part thereof including medical aid schemes and their administrators where relevant; and

  • Collecting monies outstanding from the undersigned patient/s.


Upon request, a hardcopy of Dr O’Neill Kruger’s PAIA manual can be made available to existing patients visiting her practice.