Duration of sessions


First time appointments (individuals/couples/parents), vary between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the particular assessment. In general, 60 minutes are allocated and scheduled per subsequent session for individuals. In the case of sessions with couples, 90 minutes are allocated per session.


Frequency of sessions


Sessions are most often done on a weekly basis. Each person’s particular situation and schedule are, however, also taken into account with psychotherapy tailored accordingly. For couples, sessions usually take place on a bi-weekly basis or as their respective schedules allow.


Number of sessions


The number of sessions will depend on the particular person and their presenting problem. An average shorter term  psychotherapy process can last anything between six and twelve sessions. For more complicated or chronic difficulties, a longer term treatment process might be required. Parent guidance and/or psycho-educational only processes usually require a minimum of two sessions. 


Rates and Payment


Practice rates are based on medical aid rates for the current year and are calculated according to the duration of the session. We submit claims to the respective medical aids on the patient’s behalf, should they so choose. A non-medical aid rate is also available for those without medical aid/who prefer to settle their accounts directly. Please email us for the latest "cash" / non-medical aid rate.

Payments by Medical Aid


While claims can be submitted to the medical aid on the patient’s behalf, the patient ultimately remains responsible for any shortfall of claims not paid by their medical aid. Medical aid schemes and plans differ in their allocation of funds and limits related to Mental Health Care. If you are unsure whether your medical aid will pay for psychotherapy sessions, please contact them directly to confirm the mental health benefits of your particular medical aid plan. This information is helpful in designing a treatment plan that suits your needs and resources.